Female Force

History is half her story. But why isn’t it ever mentioned?

Nevertheless, Ada was the first IT-specialist, 100 years before the computer existed.

Why was Victoria Woodhulls name omitted in the recent political turmoil in the USA,
even if she was the first woman to present herself for the American presidential elections. In 1872!!!!

Why were midwives persecuted as witches?

Why not tell that Madame de Pompadour, the icon of French love life, didn’t like sex, but preferred culture and philosophy ?
And could it be possible that Pieter Breugel the Elder learned his painterly skills with his mother in law?

Widows played an important role in the champagne as we now drink it.
Frčle Females took the reins of their defunct husbands business and improved the luxury brands.

Was it because Olympe de Gouges had the guts to write “the Rights of Women as Citizens” that she got the right to be executed?
Women were mostly recognised for their power of seduction but never for their talent of composing or their art of painting.

So now, the genius of more than 25 women is revealed in an historical book for a broad public.
It traces trough the lives of these extraordinary women how they managed and coped in their times.
It etches the way of life in past times, but was there a big change?
Are women still “hysterical wives” and what can be done about it?
For example an electrical household instrument that was advertised as “Aids that every woman appreciates”.
And what does “feminism” really mean?